Reduce your risk of cancer! Easily manage your habits with the Do One Thing app.

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Habits are deeply ingrained behaviors you perform without thinking. That’s why trying to break a bad habit by acquiring a good habit seems so hard. It takes time and repetition before the new, healthy behavior becomes second nature.

The good news is, just as you learned your bad habits, you can learn healthy habits to replace them. To help you do that, we present the Do One Thing mobile app, powered by Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

The Do One Thing app come with a pre-loaded habit library or you can create your own.

The Do One Thing app lets you focus on behaviors you want to change, set frequency, add reminders and motivations, and track your progress. You can select habits from the preexisting library or custom create your own. You can even share the habits that work for you with friends.

The more personalized you make your Do One Thing habits, the more they’ll mean to you. And the more likely you’ll be to succeed in changing them. Good luck and have fun!

Download the iOS version here.

Download the Android version here.